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Facetime Unblock

Unblock FaceTime in Usupported Countries,

In this guide we will show you how to enable FaceTime in unsupported countries like the GCC (UAE, Saudi Arabia etc...).

Note : 
You Need To Be Jailbroken For This To Work !

~ The Guide ~

1. Add our Repo
2. Install ComCenter Patch, then respring
3. Tap carrier.plist in var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle and tap Property List Viewer
4. Tap + found in lower right corner
5. Add AllowsVoIP in Name and change the type to Boolean then tap Create
6. You will see the added property on the top list, just tap to enable
7. Finally reboot and enjoy

Follow this guide to the letter, and should see FaceTime appear on your Springboard. I have personally tested this method as I live in Dubai, and it worked like a charm...


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