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iOS 10 is most awaited iOS for all supported devices like iPhone, iPad And Apple Watch. We know that Apple Inc. will be released links with new features, usability and interface after WWDC. Don't forget, that all who have iPhone or iPad want to install last version iOS 10 only without bugs and errors. We still remember iOS 8.0.1 release date history with a lots of bugs and errors. Apple have very big plans for new iOS 10 and we also.

We will provide easiest method, instead of having to download individual iPSWs here's the iOS10 Mobile Config profile. Just open my post in Safari on your preferred Test iDevice, click below link and install the profile, then reboot device and after that check for updates, you should see iOS10... Happy testing ;)

Apart from iOS 10 and watchOS 3 betas, Apple also took the liberty of releasing tvOS 10 beta for Apple TV 4 developers. Just like its other software announced today, tvOS 10 is packed with a lot of great improvements and features that are bound to enhance the overall user experience as we move forward.

Downloading and installing tvOS 10 is a pretty straightforward process, but it requires a little patience and a cable or two in order to get things up and running. First and foremost, make sure you have a USB-C to Type-A cable at hand. You can easily buy one off Amazon, and they’re quite cheap. Once you’ve sourced yourself a cable, simply plug in the Type-C end of the cable into your Apple TV unit, and the Type-A end into your computer’s USB port.

Now head over to the Apple Developer Program website and sign in. Now click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles on the left, and then click on Apple TV. Read through the steps that are required in order to register your device’s UDID with Apple. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes if you read through the steps carefully.

Just like any other beta software from Apple, tvOS 10 is stamped with a beta tag, hence it’s not fit for use as a daily driver just yet. It’s recommended that you either install tvOS 10 beta on a secondary Apple TV 4 unit you may have, or wait until at least three or four beta builds are released. The choice is absolutely yours what you want to end up doing.

Just as above, here's the tvOS10 Mobile Config profile. Only this time you need to follow below guide. It's simple.

Step 1: Download the Configuration Profile for the tvOS beta below. Save the Configuration Profile to a folder on DropBox, so that you can access it from the DropBox app on your iPhone.
Step 2: On the Apple TV, go to Settings → General → Privacy and highlight Send to Apple 
Step 3: Press the Play button on the Siri Remote
Step 4: Click Add Profile → OK
Step 5: Delete the entire URL displayed on screen
Step 6: Launch DropBox on the iPhone and open the folder containing the Configuration Profile
Step 7: Tap the down button next to the Configuration Profile, tap Send Link, and tap Copy Link in the Share Sheet
Step 8: Launch the Remote app on your iPhone, and connect to the Apple TV
Step 9: Tap the Keyboard button, and paste the URL that you copied in Step 7
Step 10: At the end of the URL, replace the “0” with a “1” and press the Return key on the keyboard
Step 11: After the profile is added, you’ll see a request to restart the Apple TV. Tap Restart Now to complete the installation
Step 12: Once the Apple TV reboots, go to Settings → System → Software Updates to check for new updates. You should now be able to download and install the beta.
Remote App ~
(via iTunes)

Highlighting watchOS 3 is a major improvement to the speed of opening apps. Lynch explained that watchOS apps should open instantly and that watchOS 3 finally allows that to be the case.

watchOS 3 also repurposes the Apple Watch side button to bring up a “Dock,” which will serve as a place to hold your most-used apps. No longer will the side button bring up the ring of contacts like it has since the beginning.

Next up, watchOS brings a new messaging feature called Scribble. This feature allows users to write out a quick message using their finger and watchOS will change the writing to text with handwriting recognition.

watchOS 3 brings a new SOS feature that allows users to quickly communicate with emergency officials. Holding down the side button will bring up the standard shutdown screen, but with a new SOS option. A countdown timer will appear and emergency officials will be contacted.

Control Center is also coming to Apple Watch with watchOS 3. Much like iOS, Apple Watch users can now quickly access quick settings. watchOS 3 also brings a handful of new watch faces, including a Minnie Mouse face, Activity Ring face, and several others that can be seen in the gallery below.
Apple also worked to improve the Apple Watch for wheelchair users with watchOS 3. For instance, the “Time to stand” notification will now say “Time to roll,” while Apple Watch is also better at recognizing wheelchair movements and recognizing that as exercise.

Further building on Activity improvements, Apple is announcing a new app called Breathe that will remind users to take time out of their day to breathe. The app features a variety of breathing and relaxation exercise.

During WWDC last year Apple unveiled watchOS 2 with a handful of highly-requested new features, including support for native third-party apps, on-screen video playback, Time Travel, new watch faces, and much more.

watchOS 3 will be available to developers soon and will be available to all Apple Watch users via a software update later this year.

Just like with iOS10, here's the WatchOS 3 Mobile Config profile. Just open my post in Safari on your iPhone, click below link and install the profile, make sure you install ON THE WATCH, not iPHONE then reboot watch and after that check for updates, you should see WatchOS update...

Happy testing ;)

  P.S : You will need to be on iOS 10 before you can update to WachOS 3..
WatchOS 3.1 Profile ~


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