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It’s been a while in the making, but it is now possible to install Kodi on tvOS. Granted, this is a very early tutorial, and Kodi for Apple TV 4 is still in the pre-pre-alpha stages, but it does work, although not perfectly yet.

Still, the fact that we can even get Kodi on the Apple TV without jailbreaking is a win in itself. In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Kodi on the new Apple TV running tvOS.


Kodi on Apple TV4 The Easiest Way Ever !

Now, don't get us wrong here, we are not affiliated with iPASTORE in any way shape or form. We are not trying to advertise their service. It's jut that the usual "Sideloading" methods of old are no longer as easy as they were before.

Believe us we have tried as recently as today after posting the guides. We ran into so many snags that we had to look elsewhere for a free service the would do it for our clients to no avail. It's sad really, Android TVs enjoy Kodi out the box yet we, the people on the other side of the pond have to go through Hell to do it.

But we knew that going in. It's been that way for us since the beginning so no biggie. We kinda got used to it.

Anyways, back to Kodi on ATV, these guys are cheap-ish. They do all the hard work for you., for a fee as small as $7/Year for the ATV4 package. Not bad eh ? You don't have to do much to get Kodi on your ATV4 and more...

The way they do it is, once you have selected the package you need, you send them your ATV's UDID which you can get once you have connected it to iTunes, they then proceed to build (Code Sign) their so called "Store" iPA which you then proceed to "Sideload" to the ATV via the good old iFun-Box app on Windows or Mac. Then, once the Store is on the ATV you launch and select one or more apps you want, yeah they got a Browser among many Apps you can install.

Once you have selected Kodi and any other app you want, request is sent to their automated compiler which builds said apps for your specific ATV (UDID Signed), at which point you will receive an e-mail with the IPAs attached. You then proceed to "Sideloading" them via iFun-Box. That's it !

iPASTORE Guide Video 

So, there you have it peeps. The easiest way to get Kodi on your Apple TV 4th Gen. We know it's not the cheapest way, meaning it's not free but it's worth every penny. We use it and so far no issues whatsoever. Best part is, with this service Kodi will not disappear after updating to a newer iOS. We are on iOS 10 Beta 7 and Kodi is still running like a champ with all our settings untouched.

Just as a cautionary note, iPAs sent to you by this service will only work on your own iDevice so do not share them as they won't work. 

They are basically a Code Signing Service to help you install Apps that couldn't make it to the App Store without requiring a Jailbreak...

With that said give them a go and let us know on Twitter your experience. Link to them below. They provide great service. There are many like them but they the cheapest we could find that have no issues.


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